Band for musical events

EKG MUSIC BAND provides a musical setting for events organized by both individual clients and firms as well as public institutions. The band provides a musical entertainment for a wide range of parties such as:

• business events (banquets, anniversary parties, bonding events, company picnics, annual celebrations)
• occasional dances (dancing parties, carnival celebrations, New Year’s Eves, proms)
• themed events
• sport and recreation events
• presentations / exhibitions / openings
• marketing events (fashion shows, bar events, promotion actions)
• cultural events (fêtes, picnics, town festivals)

DURATION OF SERVICE: for each of these events the duration of musical entertainment is considered on an individual basis.
Any possibility of extending the performance is considered on an individual basis.
COST OF SERVICES: considered on an individual basis.
TRANSPORTATION COST: included in the price of musical entertainment in Lesser Poland Voivodeship.
In other provinces it is 1 PLN gross / 1 km from Cracow (in both directions).

Services are confirmed by a VAT invoice.


1. standard line-up
five musicians
2. standard line-up + DJ
five musicians + DJ
3. standard line-up + brass section
eight musicians
4. standard line-up + DJ + brass section
eight musicians + DJ


• professional DJ
Details here

• professional brass section
The EKG Music Band line-up is expanded with a brass section and consists of eight members: female vocals, keyboards, saxophone / clarinet, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums (male vocals included). The repertoire coincides with the official repertoire list and includes a wide range of jazz standards as well. Both original arrangements and full, rich sound create a great and unique party atmosphere.


During the show the band performs 40 minutes long dance sets with 20 minutes long intervals between them.
In the event of cooperation with a DJ from the beginning of the reception, during our 30 minutes long breaks music is provided by the DJ.
Music setlist is flexible and adjusted to the situation on an ongoing basis.

During the breaks (an option without DJ) it is possible for the band to provide mechanically produced music.
Playlist can be pre-prepared by a client.

In addition to playing music, the band members can act as emcees, both in Polish and English if necessary.

The repertoire and emceeing are adjusted to both clients’ preferences and previous suggestions as well as the nature of the event.