The cost of our service is considered on an individual basis and it is dependent on band's lineup as well as a wedding reception venue (the costs of transportation is included in the price of services).
The band performs until 1:00 am and the DJ performs from 1:00 am until 5:00 am In the event of two-day wedding party we perform on the second day until 10 pm (whether we cooperate with DJ or not).​
In the event of two-day wedding party we perform on the second day alternately (30-min long sets), from the beginning of the party until 10 pm
There are two options of band's lineup to choose: 5-members band or band expanded to brass section (up to 8-musicians lineup). DJ included in both options.
The DJ service is in the package of our services. At the time of completion of band's performance the DJ is already set up to begin his work immediately so there is no sense of discomfort caused by replacement. On the second day of wedding reception the band and the DJ perform alternately from the beginning of party until 10 pm.
We perform 40-minutes long dance set with 20-minutes break for each 60-minutes of wedding party. Breaks for meals and wedding attractions may be a little bit longer and they are dependent on wedding attractions lenght and catering service efficiency. Number of sets is flexible and adjusted the atmosphere on the dance floor.
On the second day of wedding reception the band and DJ perform alternately from the beginning of party until 10 pm with breaks for meals and attractions.
5-members lineup is expanded to brass section (additional instruments: trombone and trumpet). The duration of both band lineups performaces is the same.
Our performances are accomplished by rich repertoire that includes over 200 Polish and foreign hits of a variety of musical styles that appeal to all age groups and different musical tastes – everyone will find something for themselves. It includes a wide range of jazz standards and Polish folk songs as well. On s[pecial request we can do a few disco polo hits but we are not experts at this music style. But any wishes can be fulfilled by our DJ for sure.
On special request the repertoire can be extended to 2-3 new songs (first wedding dance of newlyweds, a wedding gift-song and others). These songs can be also played from USB device (mp3/wav, delivered during the party or before).
see our repertoire
During the breaks it is possible to provide mechanically produced music. Playlist can be pre-prepared by a client.
On the second day of the party the band and DJ play jointly from the beginning until 10 pm (no breaks between sets except breaks for meal and other attractions).
In addition to playing music, the band members and our DJ as well, can act as emcees, both in Polish and English if necessary.
On clients’ request the band and DJ organizes additional wedding activities (“Oczepiny” – unveiling and capping ceremony, gratitude towards the parents of newlyweds, different competitions for wedding guests), in English as well. Wedding competitions may be carried out at once or be separated during the party. Emceeing is adjusted both to clients’ preferences and previous suggestions as well as the nature of the event. There is an option to choose 1-2 more competitions you like (previously approved by the band).
Our DJ provides wedding competitions if necessary.
see list of competitions
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